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The DAP history begins more than 50 years ago, as a specialist in bespoke and custom-made laminate manufacturing, the Stratimage® process. The company, initially focused on the stratification of Michelin maps, has diversified its production and is today the European leader in custom HPL.

The investment in new technologies and the perfect control of its production has allowed DAP to establish itself as a major European player in its field of activity.

DAP's core business is the manufacturing and marketing of bespoke HPL under the Stratimage® brand. These panels are equipped with strong technical characteristics, which give the products an incomparable resistance over time and a unique possibility to personalize the panel.

Every year, DAP accompanies more than 2000 projects around the world.

The company owes its notoriety and reputation to its know-how, its seriousness in the execution of the processes and the quality of its products.



The founding of DAP

DAP was founded in 1966 by Pierre Prat. It specialized in the mail order market of laminated land maps and mailed more than 650,000 catalogs.


The first High-Pressure-Laminate Press

DAP buys its own HPL press to expand its business to other sectors and master the
HPL technology.

Développement technique



In the 90s, the first inkjet printers were introduced to the market which allowed to individualize an image. Under the leadership of the new CEO, Thierry Prat, the opportunity to develop signage is seized and is developed under the brand Stratimage®, a product with high quality and durability.


Incomparable Resistance against UV

Development of a new extended UV protection technology that guarantees the use of the panels for 10 years outdoors. This UV protection, unique to DAP, makes Stratimage® the reference and undisputed leader on the market for sustainable outdoor signage in Europe.



Development of activities within
Design and Creation

DAP invests in carpentry equipment to develop its business of layout, decoration and bespoke tables for hotels, cafes and restaurants. Since 2011, DAP exports its products abroad, mainly to Europe, but is also present in Africa and overseas.


New Management

Line et Laurent Veilex take over the company following the retirement of Thierry Prat. Franco-Danish couple who have lived and worked in many countries, with the ambition of continually developing the technical qualities of Stratimage® and bringing growth to the international market. They are the 2017 Laureate of "Réseau Entreprendre®Isère" for their DAP development project.



Specialist and expert in the manufacture of custom laminated panels.



Size, shape, cut ...
All the formats you can imagine are achievable.

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