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Frequently asked Questions - F.A.Q

Is there a minimum quantity to be able to place an order?

No, there is no minimum quantity required to be able to place an order. We manufacture laminate panels individually according to your request.


What are your turn-around times?

The manufacturing time is 3 weeks from the moment we have received your signed quote, your compliant print files and your print proofs. Do not hesitate to contact us to assess more suitable deadlines according to your requirements.


What are your terms for international deliveries ?

Dap can deliver anywhere within the EU.

For delivery to the rest of the world, please contact us for additional advice.

How do I customize my HPL panel?

To personalize an HPL panel, you just need to send us your high-resolution print-file which will be printed by us and then integrated into the laminated panel by inclusion.

Which print format do you require for my custom high pressure laminate panel?

Your print file should be in high definition (min 300dpi), vectorized and CMYK
Format :
- .EPS
- vector .PDF
- .AI

you must include cropmarks and bleed in your print file:

5 mm if format < A2
10 mm if > A2 or double-sided
20 mm if > 2000 mm or joint /span>

How do I install an HPL panel?

The 0,8mm should be glued to a surface, including wood-based particleboard and plywood e.g. It can also be applied to metal surfaces but requires special expertise.
Bonding is done either with white glue or with neoprene glue.

The 3mm and the 6mm should be drilled andscrewed.
It is however possible to glue the panels if the size does not exceed A4 (300x210mm).

10mm and the 13mm :
- either drilled and screwed with visible screws,
- or with invisible fixingsby means of screwed inserts at the back of the panel.

The drill holes must always be 2 mm larger than the diametre of the screw itself. Do not
block the screw to allow for dimensional variations of the panel.

It is possible in HPL laminate to screw directly with parker screws. To do this, make a pre-hole with a small diameter, blow to remove dust and then screw directly. Pay attention to the length of the screws.

Adhesive fixing is not recommended for formats larger than A4 (excluding 0.8mm), especially for outdoors.

When the Stratimage® panels are contained in a structure, it is necessary to provide a clearance around the perimeter of the panels, for their expansion (from 2 to 5mm smaller than the frames).

It is also possible to glue aluminum rails to the back of the panels for fixing to posts or even to the wall. These rails can be glued, after sanding, with silicone glues in cartridge type Sicaflex for the interior (drying must be at least 48 hours) or with MS Polymer adhesives type WÜRTH HIGH TACK for the exterior. 

> Caution for installation:
- The cautions to take so that the panels do not bend: Air must be allowed to circulate on the front and rear sides of the panel
- Remove the protective film before installing the panel
- Avoid storing the panels for too long.
- If the installation must be done indoors, leave the panels in the room at least 48 hours before installing them.

What are the resistances to fire standards?

HPL panels meet M2 standards "hardly flammable" by default. Panels meeting the M1 standard "non-flammable" are available on request. 

What is the maximum size of an HPL panel ?

We can create panels with a maximum size of 1200 x 2700 mm. If your project requires a larger panel, we have solutions to assemble several panels side by side. The jointing is done at DAP and you will receive your panels ready to install.

What is HPL made of?

An HPL laminate is composed of 65% kraft paper and 35% thermosetting resin which polymerize under the action of heat and pressure.

Is HPL recyclable ?

Yes, HPL panels are 100% recyclable. The waste from the DAP is recycled by a company which transforms it into laminated parquet boards.

The waste is not classified as hazardous material and can be disposed of in accordance with national and / or regional regulations.

An HPL panel has a very long lifespan, which adds to its eco-label.

What are your opening hours?

DAP is open Monday to Friday from 8h à 18h. T : +33 (0)4 76 75 51 75

How to clean an HPL laminate

The HPL can be cleaned with common cleaning products, water and soap. For tags and graffiti you can use White Spirit or acetone using a soft cloth.