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10 years anti UV guarantee

Our hpl panels are designed to withstand outdoor exposure. They are guaranteed 10 years minimum against UV. Your corporate signage retains its quality and high definition rendering over time. A lasting and high-end solution.

DAP is the only manufacturer on the market to commit to such a long service life. The daily aggressions of the sun have no impact on the surface of the sign and do not deteriorate your message.

100% customizable

One of the unique features of the DAP Stratimage® product is the ability to personalize your decor.

We offer you the complete customization of the panels while respecting the client’s graphic charter in terms of design, colors, shapes and patterns, etc. in the most resistant decorative material that exists. Complete customization for exterior business signage.

High resistance

Our HPL Stratimage® panels are designed to resist external and climatic aggressions: cold, frost, humid environments, hot weather and can resist the tearing of winds up to 200 km/h.
They also resist very well to sudden changes in temperature. DAP hpl panels have been subjected to many official tests, ensuring their durability in extreme weather conditions.

Easy maintenance - Anti-graffiti

Our hpl panels are anti-graffiti and resistant to all cleaning products. They are very easy to maintain, natural dirt as well as voluntary degradation (TAG, paint).

Regular maintenance can be done with water. In case of major degradation by vandalism (tag or graffiti), you can use White Spirit or acetone. You no longer have to fear vandalism of your corporate signage.

" Choose quality to showcase your business "


The finishes of the hpl panels offer a high quality rendering for exterior store signage. You can choose for your panel a satin, gloss, silk satin or structured finish with the heart of panels in brown color (by default) or in black or white on demand. Your panel is 100% bespoke – by your integrated visual, its size, its cut, its thickness and its finish!

Be Seen

Make your business sign or exterior signage a unique element of communication. Use our signs to show off your business. The visual rendering allows you to stand out. Your graphic creation is integrated by digital inclusion. We adapt to your needs to highlight your strengths and stand out from competing brands.

This solution is perfectly suited for any outdoor signage: restaurants, stores, shopping centres, businesses…

Set your creative ideas free!


Make your sign a communication element. With this bespoke hpl panel, put your company colors on your sign and stand out in the blink of an eye.


Your information signs are just like you are, elegant and reliable. Information is better perceived if you enjoy reading it!

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