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Schedule and Planning Boards

Optimize your planning

Organizations that require teamwork need to collect data and keep their staff informed at all times. Depending on the types of business, the intervention schedules, missions, and objectives change each week. What better way to inform employees than to display this information prominently?

The laminated wall planboards allow to personalize the organization of a work team and to accompany it in its daily missions. This solution gives you support that perfectly adapts to your very specific requirements. We make your own schedule, you write and erase as many times as you want year after year on a surface that remains clean and without a trace, even with permanent markers. The opposite of a Veleda board!


Our hpl panels have the main characteristics of being erasable.
You write and then erase without any effort so that your board becomes like new again, whatever the type of markers used (permanent or non-permanent). The solvent resistant board can be cleaned with alcohol and white spirit and the markers leave no marks on the surface.
The possibility to write, inform, and edit panel elements makes it a participatory tool.

Personalized Planning

The particularity of the solutions proposed by DAP is the ability to personalize your panel with your own visual and design. You compose your own panels according to your needs. We can help you with the design of your planning.

We are able to mount up to 6 pivoting frames in addition to 2 fixed, or in other words, 16 sides. Tell us about your needs, and we will help you find the perfect solution.

Magnetic Planning

When you use a large wall planning board, it is very useful to be able to hang notes for your teams on them. The magnetic laminate wallboard manufactured by DAP can include a magnetic solution to allow you to have nothing to pinch to the wall. You will be able to hang documents directly, use magnets with the names of your collaborators, or symbolize particular elements specific to your organization. Keep all your items together on the same surface for more readability.


The editing options for your planning boards are numerous. The panels are rigid and nicely fit into an aluminum frame. As an alternative to wall panels, we can offer you the following solutions:
– Panel on roller stand. It can be double-sided, mounted on 2 feet or equipped with wheels.
– Pivoting panels with an angle aluminum bracket (90°) on legs, with or without wheels. There are 2 fixed panels, all the others are pivoting.

" Customize your schedule to match your activity "

Magnetic WHITE BOARD for your meeting room

For your meeting rooms, for your brainstorming sessions, we can cover your meeting room walls with hpl white boards, a perfect tool to give free rein to the creativity or planning of your teams.

We can customize the content of these panels according to your choice. A magnetic version is possible.


The boards are made according to your needs whether it is the content or the format. Whatever your space constraints, we find a suitable solution: large format (several jointed panels ), boards on stand with wheels, pivoting boards…

Set your creative ideas free!


Use your space to make useful information accessible and easy to use.


Make content and information available to your employees. Writing, magnets, tailor-made finishes.

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