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Crisis unit

Your crisis management tables specially adapted for operational rooms

The use of equipment adapted to crisis and operational rooms is essential. The solutions put in place by DAP meet all the criteria you need to equip your crisis room regardless of its composition. In case of change to degraded mode during a crisis management, our hpl boards will be essential.

We produce planning boards specifically adapted to crisis management within all kinds of structures and entities, both public and private where management of crisis is crucial.
Many administrations have trusted us for a long time, more than 500 crisis rooms equipped to date. Among others the firefighters, the military police, the Nuclear power plants, the policie, the French military army, and  many many more…

White Board

Among the solutions that we propose for our laminate boards, the whiteboards are one of the most indispensable for your crisis rooms.
The technical characteristics of the panel guarantee a quality cleaning after each use. You will be able to write down and note all the information needed to solve crisis situations. Writing is possible with all markers, even permanent ones. Make the right decisions with readable and well presented information.
After use, the DAP boards can be cleaned with a soft cloth and white spirit without any remaining visible trace.


One of the essential parameters for any crisis room is the ability to hang information (sheets, photos, elements) on a supporting surface.

Laminated panels, whether with or without a visual (on whiteboard, planning schedules, or maps), can be proposed in  a magnetic version. An unavoidable solution to ward off the emergency.

Writing on the Walls

There is often a lack of space when decisions need to be made urgently and knowledge of all the ins and outs to resolve a crisis situation.

Install laminated panels on all the walls of your crisis room and do not limit the collection of information to a single board.
You can juxtapose laminated panels side by side to cover the largest wall surfaces.

Back Up Solution

Sometimes sites are in a situation of complete “black out” with a total loss of electrical network and means of communication (degraded mode). Only in a well-equipment crisis room with planning boards and laminated maps can you collect the right information and note the elements necessary to solve a problem without electricity.

Being able to write and collect information can be a necessity.

"Functionality & ergonomics for an adapted crisis room"

Sliding panels

Depending on the size of your crisis room, you cannot necessarily install laminated panels on all your walls.
The sliding frames allow to optimize your boards by gathering on a minimum of space a maximum of support, and thus of information.
You can also choose the composition of the sliding panels: customized HPL boards, maps, site maps, whiteboards, corkboards… An ideal solution for small crisis rooms.

Swinging Panels

More compact solutions also exist at DAP: you can opt for a choice of pivoting panels fixed to the wall or on wheels. The panels rotate on a central axis like a book. Find your maps and notes very simply.
With Bespoke HPL panels you can mix the different supporting materials and use them in the same structure with a blend of white board panels, magnetic laminated panels, cardboard feather panels, etc.

Set your creative ideas free!


To arrange your workspaces and manage complex situations.


Save time to analyze and collect elements

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