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Realisation: Parc Astérix: WALLRUS

The most durable material
for your outdoor signage!


Tourist signage is a major issue in all regions, cities and areas of great influence in order to boost the attractiveness of a territory. To better inform and orient visitors, a tourist sign requires readability and elegance in order to integrate into the landscape and stick to the universe in which it evolves. For optimal integration, you can choose a colored back perfectly adapted to its environment or use the back of a sign to inform your audience with a double-sided print. 


The durability of your signage is essential and you are never immune to damage caused by the public (wear, graffiti, tags.) The Stratimage® HPL panels are anti-graffiti ! The surface of our HPL panels is of such quality that it resists White Spirit and Acetone. You can clean your panels simply with a soft cloth.

10 years anti UV guarantee

We can integrate UV protection into your HPL panel. This option, guaranteed for 10 years, is the only one on the market that guarantees such long-lasting performance. The daily aggressions of the sun have no impact on the surface of your tourist signage. All information is retained and identical to the original over time – appearance and readability.

Resistant and eco-friendly

A tourist sign must be resistant to the aggressions it may confront. Faced with extreme climatic conditions, your panel must remain faithful to its original design. The physical properties of HPL signboards make them 100% resistant to water and humidity. The panels incorporate eco-design criteria which makes them 100% recyclable.

" Bet on duration "

High Pressure Laminate

The technical characteristics of Straimage® high pressure laminate panels make it the most resistant material on the market. Its solidity is due to its manufacturing process which integrates parameters which make it resistant to scratches and shocks. And since it can benefit from an anti-UV guarantee, it is the ideal product for prolonged outdoor exposure.

Signage panels Spain : TRAZACULTURA

Panels under water (le Parc National de Port Cros)


In order to be part of the ethical environment that revolves around projects intended to set up in harmony with nature, our products are 100% recyclable. This process, entirely made in France, is guaranteed for 10 years. The panels are 70% made of wood fibers from eco-managed forests and all the raw materials are part of an eco-responsible range that respects the environment.


Set your creative ideas free!


Make an impact with your tourist signage.
Make the choice to go beyond simple textual information. Stand out, make a difference.


Your signage is at one with the landscape.
In order not to distort a tourist site, nothing like signage that blends in with the decor. Our panels are 70% composed of wood fibers.

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