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Decorate a wall

Renovate and decorate your interiors quickly with the HPL laminate wall cladding

You choose your own design, image, color, graphic charter, information etc., and we laminate your HPL decorative panels by embedding your visual in a laminated wall panel.
This leaves you with an inexhaustible choice of interior decor. You can reproduce the appearance of natural material: wood, marble, stone, etc., or create a new universe: Zen, comics, futuristic, modern…

Create optical illusions on a mural by installing a realistic life-size decor while adding information on your panel if it is also intended to serve as an information panel.

The HPL wall panel from DAP aims to decorate and protect your spaces. The Stratimage® laminate covering is characterized by its resistance over time.

The high pressure laminate wall panel (HPL) allows you to easily cover any wall for a breathtaking result

Easy renovation

The compact HPL panels are simply glued or screwed to the wall. You can therefore cover an old damaged wall in a short time and give a new look to your interior.

Your unique design on the decorative wall panels stand out and highlight the places where they are installed. HPL panels also protect your walls thanks to their unique resistance.

With a Stratimage® HPL laminate wall covering, you will be able to create a unique design on your walls. You can completely cover them with images and colors to make a fresco, or cut your panels in shape to emphasize its placement such as a large wave next to a swimming pool or simply a photo to create an atmosphere in a restaurant or a train station ! Everything is possible with the Stratimage® process from DAP.

Our HPL laminate panels are designed to be fire and burn resistant.

The panels designed for a decorative wall covering are by default classified M2 for fire resistance. We can also produce decorative panels in class M1 on request.

The HPL laminate is easy to maintain and can be totally disinfected with most household products such as white spirit or acetone which makes your panels anti-graffiti, great news for panels intended for places with a lot of traffic and risk of vandalism.

The lack of porosity of the laminate does not allow dirt to settle which makes the laminate very hygienic.

The fact that the HPL panel is not electrostatic also prevents the deposition of dust.

The decorative HPL wall cladding

3 reasons to decorate a wall with a high pressure laminate panel

Outstanding resistance

Will my HPL decorative panel deteriorate over time?

To get a perfect understanding of our manufacturing, it is not appropriate talking about direct printing, but rather about embedding of decorative print in a laminate material. Unlike a conventional digital print, the image will be much more resistant over time. This is why an HPL wall laminate panel from our factory has a very high resistance to wear. It resists impacts and scratches. It is the most resistant decorative support on the market which far exceeds other existing solutions!

Big scale wall

My wall is 10 meters long, can I use HPL panels?

Yes, absolutely, HPL wall panels can be installed so that they are joined. So you can fully cover a wall with a large area. DAP takes care of the layout and jointing so that each panel is perfectly aligned with the visuals of your different panels. It is a durable and easy to maintain solution.

A completely waterproof HPL laminate wall panel

In addition to its incomparable decorative aspects, the HPL decorative wall panel is an extremely resistant material, which has many qualities. Once heated and pressed, the wall panel becomes waterproof. It can therefore be installed in rooms and public places that remain permanently damp: sanitaries, bathrooms, swimming pool, etc.

We have already produced numerous public sanitary facilities in HPL as well as swimming pool frescoes.

Set your creative ideas free!


A wall easily


With taste and elegance

Numerous creative ideas have already been transformed into tailor-made projects thanks to the Stratimage® process developed by DAP in 1966.
We assure you of a unique product of its kind and of very high quality.

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