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Design and Durability
with HPL Panels for your Bathroom

The primary qualities sought for the wall covering of a bathroom are to find an aesthetic solution, which is durableresistant to humidity and easy to clean. High pressure laminate bathroom panels give you all of the technical features you need to make your bathroom design and unique. What is a high pressure laminate bathroom panel? It is a material which is perfectly suited for wet spaces: it is completely waterproof, easy to install, clean, maintain and extremely robust and resistant. It is a great alternative to tiles.

This solution is much more hygienic because the surface is smooth, and prevents mold, dirt or germs from settling. With the DAP Stratimage® process, you can 100% customize your HPL panel with the image or decor of your choice. We make laminate bathroom wall panels with your design. You can imitate real stone and trendy materials, but with an even more resistant material. You will be surprised by the quality and the resemblance of the rendering. The bathroom HPL panel adapts to any type of use: decorative wall of your shower, splashback of basin and bathtub, wall renovation. A laminated panel for your bathroom ensures impeccable quality.

4 reasons to choose high pressure laminate for bathrooms:

Personalize your interior

With the Stratimage® solution, your can personalize your HPL panels destined for your bathroom. You can fully customize your design, be it in terms of appearance, shape, thickness and finish.
Stand out with a personalized style that adapts to your interior. If you want an imitation of marble, which is the big trend of the moment, you will be pleasantly surprised at how similar the finish is. This solution gives you aesthetics without the maintenance constraints of real marble and its very high installation cost.

The laminated bathroom wall panel is designed with a maximum format of 1200x2700mm, which gives you the opportunity to cover a large wall surface.

Our solution allows to join several HPL panels to create a total covering over the entire surface of a wall. The large size of our panels considerably limits visible joints. HPL panels are available in several thicknesses. We recommend the 6mm compact or the 0.8mm ready to be laminated on a waterproof MDF. The panels can be fixed with glue or screws.

The surface is completely water repellent and you will not have problems with mold or lime.
The smooth, non-porous surface minimizes the cleaning and maintenance effort required.
The use of any type of non-abrasive cleaning products is possible, which guarantees impeccable hygiene.

Our bathroom HPL panels are completely waterproof. DAP manufactures signs for underwater trails. These panels have been submerged in water for 10 years and do not degrade. Stratimage® panels offer an impressive waterproof finish and exceptional performance against everyday aggressions.

The HPL Stratimage® panels for your bathromm

Create a design & sustainable environment

As you want it

Unlike traditional solutions, the Stratimage® is 100% customizable. You do not choose your panels from a catalog, you create them yourself. Everything is possible with our product, there are no limits. This will ensure that you have a unique design for your bathroom.

Our bespoke solution ensures you a reasonable cost for an exclusive and unique design.

If you are looking for high-end decorative bathroom panels that far exceed market standard panels, HPL Stratimage® panels are the perfect choice.

The ultimate bathroom wall covering

The high pressure laminate in a bathroom is the certainty of a perfectly maintained and unique room for many years. The HPL bathroom panel offers an impressive waterproof finish that is perfectly resistant to the daily use of your bathroom. It is a quality water-repellent decorative material, so you will not see mold appear on your wall. With these bathroom laminate panels, your decorative material is easy to install.

Choose the decor of your choice. The high-pressure laminate wall panel for the bathroom allows you to renovate a room quickly. Waterproof and large in size, they advantageously replace tiling. They are laid over an old tile for an express renovation.

An HPL panel for the bathroom, how much?

The price of an HPL laminate bathroom depends on several criteria such as the surface, the type of finish or the thickness chosen.

To get a quote for high pressure bathroom laminate panels, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Set your creative ideas free!


impressive at a lower cost


ally with breathtaking quality

Numerous creative ideas have already been transformed into tailor-made projects thanks to the Stratimage® process developed by DAP in 1966.
We assure you of a unique product of its kind and of very high quality.

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