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Outside decoration

High-pressure laminate HPL to decorate your outdoor spaces


Cover the entire or part of a facade with a solid and durable material, it is possible with an HPL Stratimage® panel.
Its properties allow it to resist bad weather while retaining a clean and aesthetic appearance.
Discover our solutions to equip your facades with HPL exterior panels, and restore color to your environment.

Urban Furniture

Use the HPL Stratimage® to re-create your outdoor street furniture. Custom design, solid, anti graffiti, and recyclable – find all the properties of HPL Stratimage® to make custom furniture. An ideal solution to boost your image and give a unique character to the outdoor furniture of your cities and gardens.

HPL laminate outdoors, is it reasonable?

YES, absolutely! The peculiarity of HPL is that once manufactured, its resistance is such that it is able to withstand extreme climatic conditions. Hot, cold, wet or dry, no weather condition can overcome an HPL panel, even after 10 years spent outdoors. HPL Stratimage® is THE answer to all your requests. Choose an HPL Exterior panel to safely carry out all of your decoration projects.

A 100% bespoke outdoor product

DAP’s know-how is to offer complete customization of HPL panels. This unique customization made in France allows you to embed an image inside an HPL panel, choose the thickness you need and then cut it to shape. Anti-UV, water resistant, impact and scratch resistant, fire resistant, etc. These are some of the incomparable advantages of HPL laminate for exterior decoration. This is the assurance of a reliable and durable solution that no other product is able to offer on the market. The DAP outdoor HPL panel is ideal to adapt to all your projects!

What guarantees for an HPL solution?

Resistance to external aggressions

Thanks to its manufacturing process which includes the visual in the resin of the panel, it is protected from external aggressions, whether natural or linked to vandalism such as tags and graffiti. Our product offers unique guarantees of strength, impact resistance, scratch resistance and aging.

Our manufacturing process consists of stacking several sheets of impregnated paper. During manufacture, we integrate additional protection to allow the HPL panel to resist the aggressions of the sun. It is a real UV protection which allows the panel to age while retaining its original appearance for many years.

It’s the only solution on the market that offers a guarantee so long for an equivalent use.

The DAP HPL panel is completely waterproof and the surface does not allow anything to penetrate. The laminate panel is therefore very easy to clean thanks to its resistance to solvents (including White Spirit) which makes it an anti-graffiti surface. All dirt is erasable, without damaging the exterior HPL panel. The appearance remains identical to the original HPL laminate panel.

Our HPL panels meet the requirements of the M2 standards by default – hardly flammable. On request, we can manufacture laminate panels that meet M1 standards: non-flammable. The outdoor HPL panel is suitable for every requirement of your installation.

Your turn to be creative !

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