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For your bespoke projects
HPL is THE ONE solution

DAP has developed its know-how to manufacture bespoke HPL panels. The particularities of the HPL laminate are obviously its physical properties, which makes it extremely reliable and strong. Most of the laminate panels you can find on the market are mass-produced and impose shapes, colors and templates on your interior design projects.

This constraint is now over as we manufacture completely customizable laminate HPL panels at DAP!

You can customize several parameters of your laminate panel to create it to your image. It will fit your needs very simply.

To design an HPL panel, you can customize a multitude of parameters:






Your time to be creative

Customize your PRINT

You must send us your artwork that we will integrate into your laminate panel.

Our Stratimage® process allows you to include your image in the layers of the laminate panel. It is not a print that is posed or stuck on a panel, but an inclusion by pressure into the panel.

Your design will be an integral part of the HPL panel material. It is this process which guarantees a long life span since its ultra-resistant properties make it the most solid product on the market.

You send us your ready to print files which we will integrate into your HPL panel.

Our Stratimage® process includes your visual in the layers of the HPL panel. It is not a direct printing or a glued vinyl on a panel, but an inclusion by pressure inside the different layers of the panel.

Your design will be an integral part of the material of the HPL panel. It is this process that guarantees a long life since its ultra-resistant properties make it the strongest product on the market.

Customize your SHAPE

You must define the shape of your panel. This one can be straight, or rounded, like a half-moon, a circle, a wave, a shape…!

Our manufacturing site, based in France, is equipped with cutting machines that allow you to make all the shapes you need, for example chamfering or bevelling the edge and making rounded angles.

We can also make holes, put in inserts, make cut outs for an NFC chip, etc.

Customize your THICKNESS

And the colour of the chamfer

The thickness of your panel may vary depending on the purpose of its use. It can be thick (to make a partition or a compact table top) or very thin (to dress a piece of furniture). The standard thicknesses we offer are 0.8mm, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm and 13mm.

Other thicknesses are available on demand.

The heart of the panel (the chamfer) is a dark wooden colour by default. White and black are available on demand.

Customize your FORMAT

We manufacture panels of all sizes and do not impose a minimum quantity to order.

Our maximum panel size is 1200mm x 2700mm.

If, however, you need to cover a larger area, we have solutions to join several panels. This allows you to dress a wall or a facade with a very successful optical effect.

Our workshop ensures the perfectly matched jointing and cutting between each panel for an impeccable result.

Customize your FINISH

The finish by default is gloss or satin (recommended for signage outdoors to avoid glare from the sun).

The finishes super matt or structured (grainy ou veined) are available on demand.

Double-sided: the back of the panel is white by default. You can customize the back-side as easily as the front with the design you want.

A third option is the coloured back : black, yellow buttercup, fir green, cloudy beige or chocolate.

DAP is here to assist you

We study your project together with you to offer you the solution that suits you.
DAP is your unique interlocutor for your custom HPL creations.

How do we preceed ?

1 – Receipt of artwork files in accordance with the STRATIMAGE® specifications

2 – Printing of your files

3 – Laminating in the press (2400 tons) kept at a very high temperature during 1h30.

4 – Cutting and shaping,  CNC, inserts, etc…

5 – Making of wrapping custom-made and shipment.

Let your creative ideas loose!

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