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Exterior Wall Cladding

Your Exterior Wall Cladding by DAP:
Be Seen with a Unique and Bespoke Design

DAP offers you a decorative high pressure compact (HPL) solution. The surface is entirely fabricated using DAP’s HPL technology and ideal for your facade cladding. This solution allows you to create unique effects. Manufactured under high pressure at high temperatures, the compact HPL panels are extremely resistant and durable over time. They perfectly protect your walls while providing them with unmatched design and aesthetics.

DAP uses a unique Stratimage® process that allows any image of your choice to be embedded in an HPL panel. You can play with colors, patterns, your logo, etc. Cover up a building, a shopping center facade or a restaurant in an original way and stand out thanks to unlimited design possibilities. Our HPL panels are guaranteed for 10 years against UV and designed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions.

DAP's compact HPL exterior wall cladding permits you to cover the outside of a building giving it a unique look

Unlimited decor

You can personalize your decor with your design, your logo, the name of your company. You can also choose the color of the panels, the size and the finish of the edges. DAP offers you almost unlimited aesthetic and design possibilities, it is a new generation architectural coating. HPL laminate is a versatile facade cladding that can be used on many buildings. DAP HPL panels can be used alone or with other materials.

The HPL exterior facade panels are weather resistant and remain in perfect condition for years. Thanks to a special UV protection, they do not fear the aggressions of the sun. The color and design of your facade panels remain stable.

HPL laminate panels are also waterproof panels for outdoor use and are perfectly resistant to humidity and rain.

The dense surface of the HPL laminate panels makes them resistant to dirt. The composition of DAP panels protects them from adverse weather conditions, eliminating the need for regular maintenance or treatment. The surface is easy to clean.

The compact exterior panel is easy to clean with simple products: water and a simple cloth are enough. In case of vandalism by tags or graffiti, the panels can be cleaned with White Spirit or acetone with ease.

Their aesthetic quality for the exterior does not in any way reduce their solidity and robustness. HPL is a perfect material for surfaces requiring increased durability and resistance to impact and scratches.

Their resistance to impacts compared to other types of cladding materials make them an ideal solution for high traffic areas. CSTB tests certify wind resistance up to 200 km / h.

" Use your facade as a communication tool "

An ideal solution to influence your audience.


The HPL laminate panel has many properties which makes it ideal for exterior wall cladding on buildings. The manufacture of laminated panels, made under high pressure and temperature, makes it extremely durable and resistant over time.

Stratimage® panels offer a solution for covering your insulation from the outside. HPL panels require very little maintenance because their dense HPL surface limits the accumulation of dirt. Our compact HPL exterior wall cladding panels resist fire and heat and meet the M1 or M2 standard according to your request.

The compact HPL panels support solvents which makes them anti-graffiti. It is ideal for all claddings on public buildings likely to be degraded such as shopping centers or municipal swimming pools.


The HPL Stratimage® provides freedom of design from an architectural and design point of view. It can be used as an exterior wall cladding panel for restaurants or for balcony cladding. It can be widely used to cover and decorate a facade of a shopping center, school or business. You stand out with your unique HPL wall cladding, specific to your brand or name.
DAP takes care of the cutting and jointing so that each panel is perfectly aligned between them.

The HPL panel is used in exterior cladding for all types of buildings. The installation of HPL panels is relatively simple, they are directly installed on a wooden or metal frame. The installation system for our panels is the same as for any other HPL coating.

Deadlines and prices

The price of an HPL panel depends on the surface to be covered but also on the thickness chosen.

For a quote request, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

Our production times for bespoke panels are short. Our offer gives you the possibility of personalizing and covering your entire facade or only a part, whether it be with a logo, an image, a design or other. We do not require a minimum volume and we can be the ideal solution to support a targeted part of a large-scale project.

You can therefore choose to marry the HPL panels with another materials or choose to customize only part of your facade.

Set your creative ideas free!

No minimum quantity

You can order for a single panel.

Advice & expertise

We will assist you with your projects.

Many creative ideas have already been transformed into custom-made projects thanks to the Stratimage® process developed by DAP. We assure you of a unique product of its kind and of very high quality. All our products are guaranteed for at least 10 years against external natural aggressions (UV)

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