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Stratimage® Process

Stratimage® a communication that lasts!

Stratimage® HPL laminate is the most resistant and durable decorative material on the market. Stratimage® panels are ideal for customizing your projects. These HPL laminate panels adapt to all your surfaces and are custom made to accommodate your project: signage, cladding, layout, sanitary facilities, public spaces, urban furniture, decoration, furniture, maps and planning … this solution of custom HPL (which is not direct print on laminate) will embellish your environment in a unique way.

No better way to stand out from your competitors and design a universe in your image.

The finishes that we propose make it possible to highlight your print images or your logo with a 100% bespoke product incapsulated in the most resistant decorative material on the market. Whether for interior or exterior use, the Stratimage® solution will offer you unique, high-quality aesthetic finishes.

Discover our Stratimage® process and imagine what you can create – everything is possible with Stratimage®.

What exactly is Stratimage® ?

The Stratimage® solution is a method of embedding a print image into layers of thermo-hardened resins, which properties of strength and image protection are unmatched in quality and durability.

Stratimage® panels result by layering high-resolution printed graphics with layers of resin-impregnated kraft papers pressed with 2400 tonnes at very high temperatures.

Your print image is pressed at high pressure and heat with these kraft sheets and all materials are consolidated into a single panel also called HPL (High Pressure Laminate) or HPL laminate.

Depending on the quantity, the type of sheets inserted and the finishing process, we can obtain specific results according to the needs of the customer.

HPL indoor or outdoor: the outside Stratimage® is guaranteed ten years against UVs
Thickness: 0.8mm / 3mm / 6mm / 10mm / 13mm
Finish: gloss / matte / satin / grained / veined
Machining: straight cut / special cut / chamfer / rounded corners / holes / inserts, engraving … ..
DOUBLE-sided printing: bespoke back (you can use both sides to communicate) or standard back (white by default, other colors possible:  black, beige,  buttercup yellow, fir green or chocolate)

Color of the heart of the panel: Dark brown (wooden colour) by default. Other colors available: white and black.

Stratimage® panels guarantee unmatched UV resistance (minimum 10 years) and unfailing reliability.


Pressed at high pressure for ultra resistant HPL laminate panels.


tons of pressure

The press used to manufacture Stratimage® panels has a thrust of 2400 tons. The sheets are heated to very high temperatures. It is the combination of heat and pressure that will allow all the different layers to form your compact panel and solidify it all in one material.

We can manufacture compositions of all sizes, with an assembly of several panels if necessary to arrive at a very large format, for example for a facade or wall cladding (maximum size of 1200 x 2700 mm per panel).

Discover the benefits of the Stratimage® solution

Anti UV

An Anti-UV finish allows the HPL panel to remain exposed to the outdoors without losing its superb appearance. 10 years warranty on external natural aggressions.

Anti Graffiti

The HPL material resists to chemicals such as white spirit, making it an anti graffiti material, very easy to clean.

WRITING permanent markers

You can use your panel as a white board to write on, erase, and then start over and over again.

Acid Resistant

Our HPL is resistant to acids, alkalis and sea spray.

Certification PEFC

This certification confirms that all our supplies come from sustainably managed forests and that at least 99% of our products are PEFC-certified.

FROST Resistant

The laminate is able to withstand negative temperatures without becoming damaged or degraded.


The structure of the HPL panel guarantees foolproof strength and rigidity.

ECO Responsible

The raw material of the Stratimage® panel is 70% wooden fibres from eco-managed forest wood, PEFC certified. The material 100% recyclable.

BURN resistant

The HPL panel resists to burning. It can withstand high temperatures.

FIRE resistant

Fire resistance. The panel have M2 resistance by default. M1 on request.

WATER Resistant

Can be submerged in water.

DAP is your exclusive partner as a manufacturer of bespoke HPL .
Tell us your needs and we suggest a solution to your project.

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