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Interpretation Signage

Draw your
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Design and creation

Ideal for museum signage, play grounds, parcs and botanical garden signage, our HPL panels adapt very easily to your needs. You highlight the information you want because you are the creator. Our Stratimage® process involves embedding a digital image in a laminated support – you can fully customize your signage. You can present a place, argue, illustrate without any limit.


The HPL panel adapts to your educational and didactic project, not only in terms of formats, but also in thicknesses, finishes and a range of options: cut to shape, inserts, holes.
The high resistance to wear and tear of HPL makes it possible to create educational and playful signage that allows interaction and manipulation by the public.


Educational signage paths are used in tourist locations to provide information to visitors other than a directional indication.
The messages are longer, accompanied by illustrations, with an added identity value to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the place. With a personalized HPL panel, you make your signage an integral part of your communication.


With the Stratimage® process you will be able to customize the cutting of the HPL panels to reproduce atypical shapes. You can represent a silhouette, a tree, a book, a totem, … to write your message and increase its attractiveness.
No size limit for your custom cut formats, at your convenience.

" Imagine an atypical signage "

A SOLUTION adapted
to your project

Each use requires a specific design so that the message is perceived correctly. This involves clearly personalizing your message and defining the format, cutout and appearance of your sign. The Stratimage® process allows you to design your panels according to the requirements of your project.

Project : Skiplan

Project: TVB

Your Custom

Your tourist signage must meet requirements in terms of format, size, color, thickness. By choosing our HPL panel you have the possibility to customize all the parameters you want. From the visual to the form of your signage, we adapt our products to your needs for the successful completion of your project.

Set your creative ideas free!


An original educational panel.
Make your communication a game to make information fun.


Bespoke signage. Personalize your panels to fit the nature of your projects. 100% customizable, the laminate panel is THE ideal solution.

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