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Orientation board

HPL orientation board
durability and originality

High quality

Orientation tables are very exposed to external aggressions: climatic, UV, shocks, wear, graffiti …
Choosing an HPL orientation table manufacturer ensures quality over time. You are sure to keep its aesthetic appearance for many years.
Stratimage® is the perfect choice for a long-lasting orientation table.

Weather resistance

An orientation table is constantly confronted with climatic hazards. Sudden temperature changes, high exposure to heat or ambient humidity can degrade a traditional wooden orienting table. DAP is manufacturer of HPL orientation tables. Our orientation tables are guaranteed to withstand all natural aggressions for many years.


The horizontal position of your table causes an even more aggressive attack of UV rays and most of the products on the market quickly lose their quality. This does not happen with a Stratimage® orientation table. We integrate an anti-UV protection guaranteed 10 years minimum which ensures a perennial quality to your orientation tables. The information, as well as the colors, will remain true to the original over time.


An orientation table must meet technical requirements. Like all products exposed to the public, the risk of vandalism can be high.
Fortunately, the HPL orientation tables are guaranteed anti-graffiti and can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth and acetone or White Spirit. You no longer need to worry about degradation due to tags, markings or graffiti.

" Stand out, make the difference "

HPL Orientation Tables (Jo Van Hove)


The HPL is an ultra-rigid material and the 10mm and 13mm panels are self-supporting and very solid. This solidity and rigidity will allow you to opt for a much lighter structure for your orientation table, which will be more elegant and refined. The price of your orientation table will be lower compared to a traditional solution.

HPL orientation Tables (Jo Van Hove)

Table oriention resistance HPL

A BESPOKE table,
only limited by your creativity.

Each orientation table can meet your specific needs. Your orientation table is 100% custom-made with your print image set within the thermo-hardened resin of the panel protecting it from all outside elements. Whether you are looking to make a rounded shape, a half moon, a square, a special fun shape, a circle or a semicircle, the custom HPL panel can meet all your requirements. We cut your panel to the exact format of your project, and machine it according to your wishes. We suggest machining the edges of your orientation table panel to perfect its rendering. We can make very large tables by joining several panels together.
Contact us to know all our solutions.

Set your creative ideas free!


A bespoke orientation table to adapt to each location, each project!
You create and personalize your image and content, which are then set inside the panel within the thermo-hardened resin.


Your creation will not leave your visitors indifferent. Make your orientation table a key element in visiting your tourist site.

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