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Michelin Map

Michelin geographical Maps custum-made and unique

DAP works with different map editors, but is also an exclusive partner of Michelin, allowing us to directly exploit their source files updated annually.

We can produce your custom map, you just have to communicate your geographical limits (north, south, east, west), or the specific zone wished (regions, departments …), and we will send you an estimate taking into account the scale and the most appropriate format.

We can also integrate elements specific to your organization such as the location of your customers, concentric circles for your employees’ travel, the areas assigned to each of your sales representatives …

Equipping your offices with a map of the region has never been easier. The stratified solution extends its life expectancy. You can use this version for many years unlike carton maps whose longevity depends heavily on their operations.

Magnetic Maps

The DAP HPL map solution is ideal for teamwork around a logistic project.

DAP can make this stratified magnetic panel to allow you to magnetize documents or legends on your panel. The magnetic option offers better longevity compared to conventional solutions that usually use pins.


Do you need to use a map regularly annotating information on it?

Nothing is more easy than with Michelin maps in HPL. You can write, erase, rewrite until you run out of ink. The HPL allows to use all types of markers even permanent ones.


The HPL is an extremely resistant compact panel. Your map is inside the panel, which makes it resistant to solvents. You can very easily clean the surface with all cleaning products (even white spirit) and a soft cloth without ever altering the card.
Stains, graffiti, or other marks of use are erased in the blink of an eye.

Big Format

DAP manufactures custom laminated panels of all sizes. There is no format limit. You can equip your office with a standard size map or you can also dress a complete wall. The laminated panels have a maximum size of 1200 x 2700 mm but can be assembled very simply to equip a larger surface.

"You will never get lost with a large format map"

COMPLETE Customization

Our products are totally custom made, both visually by creating a unique map, as well as the material and format. They adapt perfectly to your needs and facilitates the daily management and organization of your work.
Our team is at your disposal to offer you the most suitable solution.

Other available OPTIONS

Other versions than the HPL version are nevertheless available to best meet your needs. We can therefore offer you to make your map on paperboard or on dibond, which are also rigid materials. Standard plastc coating is also available on request.
For a still completely different rendering, opt for the version in PPMA (Plexi).

Set your creative ideas free!


Official Michelin maps to dress up your spaces in a continous way.


Your chosen geographic area from the largest scale to the most accurate possible.

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