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Bespoken HPL Table Top

The most durable decorative material
for your table tops!

And if you created your own table?

It is very simple with Stratimage® and the result is stunning! Stratimage® allows you to personalize your office table tops, bistro tables, restaurant tables, canteen tables, living room tables… A custom HPL table top is of the highest quality and the rendering is M-A-G-N-I-F-I-Q-U-E

Your table top is manufactured directly in our factory. We embed your design or pattern between layers of Kraft papers which are then pressed together at very high pressure which will form a very hard hard material. Its resistance makes it the material of choice for coffee tables, hotels and restaurants.

You just have to send us a file with your visual for us to make your custom table top.

So much more than just a simple table top!

High resistance

Made-to-measure HPL laminate table tops are exceptionally hard and resistant to scratches, impact, abrasion, chemicals and heat.

This is why this material is widely used to manufacture furniture, partitions and doors that are exposed to regular impact.

Generally speaking, thanks to their extremely compact surface, HPL trays are hygienic and easy to clean. For daily cleaning, simply use a damp cloth with a little washing-up liquid and wipe with a dry cloth.
Do not use scouring powder or nylon sponges. Your made-to-measure laminate tabletop will always be spotless!

Our HPL laminate tops are designed to be heat and burn resistant. They are classified M2 by default. If someone were to set fire to the tray, no burn marks would appear. Stratimage® is the guarantee of an HPL tray of excellent quality.

Restaurant and bar tables are often marred by drawings and pencil strokes. The made-to-measure laminate tabletop is guaranteed anti-graffiti. The smooth, robust surface is easy to clean and allows grease, oil, felt-tip marks etc. to be easily removed. These can be removed with acetone or benzene. Clean with a clean damp cloth and then wipe with a clean dry cloth to leave the surface looking as good as new.

Votre plateau de table stratifiée sur mesure réalisé avec DAP

Create a unique and 100% custom design

Tray format

Stratimage® has no limit to the custom of shape or size.

It’s up to you to create. The maximum format per panel is 2700 x 1200 mm. For larger formats, it is possible to join two panels.
If you want a round table, the maximum diameter is 1200mm. We can cut the table to the shape you want.

Table top available in 3 thicknesses

– 10 mm compact.
Rounded or straight edges.
The tops can come drilled with inserts to facilitate the installation of your table.
Heart of the panel (the edge): dark wood color by default.
White or black color on request.

– 13 mm compact.
Rounded or straight edges.
The tops can come drilled with inserts to facilitate the installation of your table.
Edge color: dark wood color by default.
White or black color on order.

– 30 mm (0.8mm laminate sheet laminated on a chipboard).
Straight edges in veneered laminate. Multiple color choices.
Panels can be delivered with inserts

Surface finish

The surface finish is mat or glossy by default.

We can also produce a super satin finish (even smoother than the mat) or textured or grained finish on request.

Set your creative ideas free!

Reception desk

Which shows your knowledge

Meeting table

Original & design

Tons of creative ideas have already been transformed into tailor-made custom projects thanks to the Stratimage® process developed by DAP in 1966.
We assure you of a unique product of its kind and of very high quality.

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