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Indoor signage

100% customizable 100% easy to maintain


The stratified panel has exceptional physical characteristics. It is a material pressed at high temperatures, which offers increased resistance to all the attacks to which an information board is exposed.
The HPL is resistant to scratches, burns, water and moisture, markers and graffiti .

It is a perfect solution to guarantee longevity of use in busy public places, which generally require maintenance and supervision.

Easy to maintain

HPL laminate is extremely easy to maintain and therefore ideal for high traffic areas: schools, hospitals, nursing homes, all public buildings etc.

The panels are not static and do not attract dust. In case of damage such as tags or graffiti, a soft cloth with acetone or white spirit removes all traces of vandalism.

Custom design

Whether to signal, inform or guide, you can incorporate a logo, a design, a photo, a specific colour in your laminate panel togoether with the incorporated information. Your panel becomes unique.
It is one of the most used solutions currently to personalize an environment, a room, a decor. DAP’s HPL laminate board allows you to create shapes and simply dress up surfaces.

"Boost the attractiveness of your interior"

A SOLUTION adapted
to your project

Each use requires a specific design for the message to be perceived correctly. This involves clearly personalizing your message and defining the size, cut, and appearance of your sign. The Stratimage® process allows you to design your panels according to the requirements of your project.

Guide with elegance

Make your signage a means of communication. Pump up your messages with eccentricities, imagine the impossible because with HPL Stratimage® everything is allowed!

Attract visitors with signage panels true to your image.

Set your creative ideas free!


Your interior signage in HPL reflects your own graphic identity


Make the signage fun and original information for your visitors

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