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Transform your creative ideas
into unique and resistant design furniture with Stratimage®

HPL is one of the most used materials for cladding of structures and furniture. Thanks to its enormous durability, resistance and flexibility, HPL on furniture is easy to apply. The Stratimage® process offers much more than just covering. It allows you to create your own unique and bespoke designer furniture.

100% “Made in France” in our factory, our HPL laminate is used for the decoration of custom furniture and the furniture and shop lay-out. Supplied in 0.8 mm sheets, our laminate panels can be applied to all kinds of furniture: a headboard, school lockers, a reception desk, trade and mass-market furniture, a door or a wardrobe, etc.

Give your furniture a unique design and protect them!

100% bespoke

We are HPL manufacturers with a fully integrated production line. We can easily produce your visual whatever the image or format you want and meet your company’s design charter.

If you have to work on a furniture and retail project with color codes, logo or signage design to respect, everything is possible with the Stratimage® HPL. We can integrate everything to personalize your project.

We are the experts in custom HPL laminate.

Hygienic and easy to clean, the HPL cladding on furniture is easy to maintain. It is resistant to solvents. You can easily clean it with a soft cloth and alcohol. For regular cleaning, just use a little water.

The HPL on furniture meets hygiene criteria. Thanks to its resistance to solvents, it is classified anti-graffiti. Unrivaled quality to keep your furniture impeccable over the years. From school lockers to the airport reception desk, all the furniture can be refurbished with an acetone cleaning!

The 0.8 mm laminate may be fine, the surface remains just as resistant as the thicker laminate. Its scratch resistance extends the life of any type of furniture.

This quality is essential to ensure the sustainability of a product that retains its high-end look over time. Especially for crowded places like shops, train stations, educational establishments, hospitals, etc. Choose a DAP quality HPL panel for a breathtaking result.

Our HPL laminate panels are designed to be fire resistant. Even the 0.8mm HPL can be designed with M1 fire resistance on request. It is often an obligation for furniture intended for public places.

Customize your furniture easily with HPL

A tailor-made solution for furniture cladding

Only 0.8mm thick for an infinity of creations

In a few words, the stratimage® HPL (high pressure laminate) process consists of layers of kraft sheets impregnated with a thermosetting resin. Your printed visual will be included in the mass.

A press with a push of 2400 tonnes with a very high temperature makes it possible to manufacture panels with a maximum format of 1200 x 2700mm.

The result: your image is permanently enclosed inside the HPL material with unrivaled durability. It is not a simple direct printing on a surface which will deteriorate over time, but your visual embedded in the HPL panel.

HPL offers a multitude of options for creating your own design and style. You can freely create and draw. We transform your designs into the most durable decorative material there is.

HPL Furniture : as functional as it is decorative

From walls to furniture, through doors and wardrobes, this cladding, both functional and decorative, can adapt to all your interior design projects. Its implementation is now perfectly mastered by carpenters and fitters.

Beyond its decorative aspect, laminate on furniture meets great success due to its functional qualities and high-end rendering.

Regardless of the aesthetic potential, the reasons for the success of the laminate are due to its properties. Laminate has the double advantage of high resistance combined with relative flexibility.

How to apply your HPL to a surface ?

The 0.8mm HPL laminate is delivered with a sanded back to make it more flexible and easier to grip with the glue (white glue or Neoprene glue). It is ready to be cladded on to your structure: furniture, wardrobe door or a reception desk for example.

Set your creative ideas free!

No minimum quantity

You can order for a single panel.

Advice & expertise

We will accompany you with your projects.

Numerous creative ideas have already been transformed into tailor-made projects thanks to the Stratimage® process developed by DAP in 1966.
We assure you of a unique product of its kind and of very high quality.

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