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Stratimage® Solutions

Bespoke HPL laminate, customizable!

HPL laminate is a unique product and its multiple qualities makes it a highly valued product in many sectors, such as construction, interior and exterior layout, as well as heritage signage and many more.

Whatever your project, the HPL Stratimage® is an excellent solution: for indoor and outdoor signage to guide visitors, for your interior or exterior layout project to cover a facade or design a shop, for your street furniture, for customized tables for the HCR sector, for logistics planning in your company, for sanitary facilities and cabins in the sports complex, etc.

Whatever your project, you elegantly create with the strongest decorative material on the market. The technical properties of the laminated panels makes it an ideal ally for prolonged use. In contact with the public, subjected to high traffic, your laminated panel will keep its aestheticism for many years.

We are the European leader of bespoke HPL manufacturing. We invite you to discover the many options offered by Stratimage®, your guarantee of assured quality.

Outdoor signage

Indoor signage

Exterior wall cladding

Design and Lay-out

Maps and Planning

What is HPL Stratimage®?

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is a process that involves embedding several sheets of impregnated kraft paper and press them under high temperature and pressure. The reaction to this mechanism creates a very strong rigid panel. Our unique process, Stratimage®, incorporates your own visual into the manufacturing process and your visual is embedded in the HPL itself to create a bespoke ultra-resistant design. Our entire production system is certified according to the European requirements. Bespoke panel manufacturing has been a unique know-how for 50 years at DAP, positioning us as the European leader in customized HPL.

Set your creative ideas free!


We are responsive to your request which is processed within a maximum of 48 hours. Our manufacturing lead times of maximum 3 weeks are the shortest on the market and our team is always at your disposal to inform you and follow your order until delivery to you. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Custom laminate

To create your bespoke HPL panel, you only have to provide us with the art work file that you want to use and we turn it into a high quality HPL laminated panel. We deliver your order machined and ready for installation. Your HPL panel is personalized according to your colours and patterns. It is the ideal solution for a sustainable decoration with a quality material.

Stratimage® Solutions



Colours, design, thickness, finish, create a panel according to your needs.



Cut, size, shape, create a laminated panel according to your requirements.

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