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An HPL worktop in your kitchen :

The decorative HPL material makes its entrance into the kitchen! If it is used today everywhere in the house, it was first well known in the 60s under the name of Formica laminate. The hpl worktop is used in the kitchen for its great resistance to the environment. High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is the perfect material for surfaces that require enhanced durability and impact resistance. Produced by pressing multiple core layers and a decorative resin-impregnated paper, it is hardwearing, durable and hygienic.

The endless variety of decor of our custom HPL and the durability of the HPL make it suitable for all your needs and for many applications.

With our unique Stratimage® process we can create the design you want, for example to make your own splashback decor, and with all its advantages, you will have the widest range of creative choices for your kitchen. You can recreate trendy styles such as a marble-look laminate credenza at a fraction of the cost of real stone!

You to create the HPL panel as you want it.

Your HPL worktop for a designer and highly resistant kitchen

Extreme resistance

The kitchen HPL panel is very qualitative. It has an extremely hard surface and is particularly suitable for areas that need to withstand impacts, heat and humidity. It is for this reason that high pressure laminate is the most widely used material in the world for kitchen spaces where quality and durability requirements are high. You can put your a hot dish directly on your work surface. It withstands heat.

The extremely robust surface of a high-quality laminate worktop is dense and does not allow the formation of dirt or germs.

Resistant to solvents, which allows to easily remove traces, impurities …

Your kitchen remains easy to maintain and clean

Your worktop is 100% waterproof and even over time, it will remain impeccable.

Imagine to offer yourself a design and trendy kitchen with a marble look? It is possible with Stratimage® HPL since we manufacture the panels with your design and according to your taste.

With a kitchen HPL panel you can create the kitchen 100% to your taste: your custom splashback, your custom HPL kitchen island, your custom bar table, your custom dining area…

You can choose the finish of your HPL panel according to the design of your kitchen: gloss, satin, super satin, grain or veineer. A light wood laminate worktop will enhance your kitchen!

Your panel can be a compact high quality HPL worktop 10 or 13mm thick, or a 6mm HPL splashback, or a compact HPL dining table 10 or 13mm thickness with the edge in brown, black or white. You can also choose a thicker option with a 0.8mm HPL sheet which is glued on a thicker MDF with the edge in the color of your choice.

And if we offered your kitchen the best of decorative materials?

An idea: Recreate the marble trend in your kitchen

Use of an HPL panel in the kitchen

DAP, manufacturer of HPL panels that are great for kitchen worktops, offers you an infinite choice to personalize your kitchen thanks to the Stratimage® process.

Design and resistant, the High Pressure Laminate can be used almost everywhere in your kitchen. Allow yourself a remarkable hpl splashback finish, create a custom kitchen island to your taste, decorate the doors of your entrance closet, decorate the wall of your dining area or create your HPL bar.

Our hpl panels are designed to withstand use in the kitchen. Stratimage® hpl panels are of the highest quality.

You can use this decorative material as a table top. A high resistance HPL panel.

An unlimited and 100% personalized choice

Choose the image (or pattern) of your choice and integrate it into your kitchen elements. It can be patterns, photos, images imitating natural materials, etc. Highly colorful or black and white images. Graphics of your own creation, text, logos. There is no limit with the Stratimage® solution.

All your creations will be perfectly reproduced in the material for a very realistic and lasting effect.
Another element of personalization of your kitchen laminate panels: the shape. You choose the size and shape of your panels.
To find out more, see our custom project page.

Finish by selecting the finish of your choice: gloss, mat, super mat, veinered or grained.

Accessible luxury materials

You will be amazed by the look of the HPL and its perfect imitation of the materials you want to use in your kitchen. You can for example choose a trendy marble imitation credenza, an HPL table top for your bar with an image or any other decor.

You give your kitchen the desired style. Custom HPL is also an extremely resistant material. If the materials of raw wood and waxed concrete tend to deteriorate quickly over time, this is not the case with our kitchen surfaces in HPL. HPL kitchen panels are resistant to scratches, humidity and heat. But also to solvents, which facilitates maintenance and cleaning. An HPL panel is ideal for daily use.

Set your creative ideas free!


of natural materials but with the advantage of more affordable prices.


exceptional – resistance and duration in time.

Numerous creative ideas have already been transformed into tailor-made projects thanks to the Stratimage® process developed by DAP in 1966. We assure you of a unique product of its kind and of very high quality.

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