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The HPL Stratimage® decorative panels br>The ideal solution to personalize your space

High-pressure-laminate is one of the most functional, resistant and widespread materials in commercial and residential layout. It is the reference material for kitchen and bathroom furniture, for public toilets or for bar and restaurant tables because of its resistance. The special feature of DAP’s Decorative HPL Process is the ability to customize your laminate panels. We make them with your designs and cut them to your desired shapes. If you have to respect a specific graphic chart with a declination of colours, we have the solution.
It is a unique opportunity to create an exclusive and personal atmosphere : Get Creative ! Hpl decorative laminate panels resist impacts and scratches and are anti-graffiti. They require very little maintenance. HPL is ideal in high-traffic areas, including cash register areas, retail counters, reception desks, public washrooms, but also as a home wall cladding. Create a design and individual atmosphere, a custom Italian shower wall, a unique coffee table, furniture, a door, a table top, a headboard – endless possibilities with your own decor!


Create your own bespoke desk or table in HPL for your professional offices (office table or meeting room table), bars and restaurants, reception desk, etc. Unique design and high manufacture quality for a sustainable design. A DAP HPL Panel.


The decorative HPL laminates blend perfectly in with your furniture. Use the qualities of HPL laminate to dress your furniture and make them unique and original: reception desks, presentation counters, tables, benches, wardrobes, headboards, store layout.


Decorate and design a wall with our destined wall decoration process for high-traffic areas with our high-performance decorative material. For environments such as retail, hotels, office furniture, hospitals, educational institutions, etc.


Essential and most commonly used equipment for public toilets for its low maintenance, easy to clean and unbeatable resistance.

The bespoke HPL Stratimage® decorative panels allow you to customize and personalize the decors and designs.


The HPL laminate in the kitchen does no longer have to gain its spurs! We all know formica from way back: the HPL laminate decorative panel is making a comeback in kitchens with new wall decoration processes for a modern design. Kitchen creations, worktop or table tops, create your own personalized decor.


Humidity and moisture is not a problem to our HPL decorative panels. Totally waterproof, the HPL laminate withstands moisture very well. Your bathroom will look beautiful and clean over time. Bathroom sink splashbacks or beautiful wall faience imitations, create your own personalized decor.

Personalize your space with the most resistant decorative material that exists:

DAP has developed a unique manufacturing process of embedding your image in a HPL panel. It is not a classic direct digital print on a surface, but a durable insertion of your digital image inside the material. The result : your decorative panel is unique with your decor perfectly represented in the most resistant decorative material that exists – the Stratimage® HPL. The decorative HPL panels from DAP have also been developed for outdoor use, which guarantees color stability (in the presence of light and sun) for a minimum of 10 years.

Let your creativity express itself with HPL Stratimage® decorative panels

Thanks to Stratimage® you do not have to limit yourself to the existing decors and designs. You can give free rein to your creativity with own images, colours, logos, writings, drawings, graphic charts… We give life to your creative ideas by embedding the image of your choice in the material. Our workshop is equipped with a cnc cutting table that allows to add any shape to your bespoke hpl panel: round, oval, square, the shape of a wave, a silhouette etc. There are no limits to your creativity and desires. You can combine other properties such as a magnetic surface or a white board to write and erase to infinity. Discover HPL creativity !

Choose the most suitable HPL decorative panel for your project

The size of a panel : we do not have a minimum size or quantity you must order, and our maximum size per panel is 1200 x 2700 mm. However you can easily join several panels if you have a larger area to cover. Thickness : the standard thicknesses are 0.8mm, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm and 13mm. The 0.8mm must be bonded to any supporting structure (chipboard, aluminium plate, plywood, etc.) Surface finish :  Gloss, Satin, Super satin, Structured, Veiny. The panel centre : brown by default but also available in white and black. We do not require any minimum quantity order for your project.

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