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Sanitary Facilities

Personalize your public toilets with the most resistant material on the market

Public toilets are places with high traffic which generally undergo many degradations over time: shocks, dirt and graffiti. It is very common to see public toilets in very poor condition after a few years.
DAP provides you with an ultra-resistant decorative material for your public sanitary facilities. Creating an HPL sanitary partition means offering you the possibility of personalizing your panels 100%.

You can thus create a personalized and unique place with the decor, colors, information etc, unique to you and which remains impeccable over time. It’s up to you to create.
HPL toilet partitions are much more durable over time and have many qualities that are perfectly suited to the requirements of sanitary facilities: resistance, low maintenance, anti-graffiti and anti-impact. All the advantages of an exceptional material to design the public sanitary environment, be it compact HPL doors or compact laminate partitions.

The sanitary facilities are subject to many constraints..

Impact and scratch resistance

The sanitary facilities are public places with high traffic which suffer regular shocks.

Compact HPL sanitary partitions are very robust quality elements which are perfectly resistant to impacts and scratches. Your design is embedded in the panel and the decor therefore remains protected in the panel and cannot be removed or degraded like a vinyl for example.

An HPL laminate partition is completely water resistant unlike wood. The HPL laminate panels do not have joints like tiles which prevents the appearance of mold over time. The compact HPL partitions, doors and wall coverings remain as solid and clean year after year.

You can use a Kärcher for deep cleaning.

The HPL laminate is particularly hygienic and provides an unfavorable environment for the proliferation of germs. The smooth surface is 100% waterproof and bacteria cannot grow. In addition, the HPL laminate is easy to clean and maintain. Use water, soap and a cloth. All common household products are well supported by laminate.

Compact HPL sanitary partition panels are resistant to graffiti. Degradation is very common in public places but thanks to the HPL laminate, you can remove the graffiti written on the doors and partitions of your sanitary facilities with white Spirit or acetone. Your partitions will be like new!

A compact HPL panel in your bathroom?

The solution is simple, beautiful & lasting

Compact HPL for your public toilet doors

Will my HPL decorative panel deteriorate over time?

NO! HPL is strong and resistant. HPL panels can be used to make doors for your sanitary facilities. The doors are made of HPL panels which are securely attached with hinges and latches to act as a door. The door can be made of compact HPL of 10 or 13mm thickness or it can be designed with a sheet of HPL of 0.8mm thickness which is fixed on a chipboard support, and of course with your own decor

Compact laminate sanitary partitions

The compact HPL can also be used to directly manufacture the partitions of your sanitary facilities.

HPL panels are the most durable solution for equipping places with high traffic. The hPL laminate is very resistant and hygienic. It is therefore perfectly suited for the production of sanitary partitions.

You can create a completely surprising design by embedding a unique image on all toilet doors.

Bespoke wall coverings

HPL panels can be used as wall cladding in bathrooms.

Once the panels are placed together, the joints are no longer visible which facilitates maintenance, especially in wet areas.

The DAP Stratimage® process allows you to embed any image of your choice in the material. The walls of your toilets can therefore be adapted to the hygiene requirements of this room with a totally custom-made design.

Urinal dividers

With the HPL Stratimage® panels which are completely customizable, you can create a playful universe adapted to a specific audience, for example children, by customizing the urinal dividers.

HPL panels are much easier to install and more economical than tyles, and they are even more hygienic and easy to clean.

Set your creative ideas free!

Bespoke HPL toilets: a complete tailor-made and unique design

Our HPL partitions are made to measure. You choose the size but also the image that will be embedded in the material, it can be patterns or a photo of your choice. Everything is possible, and the design of your sanitary utilities will be unique. For example, you can use the colors of your public institutions, or create optical illusions with a single photo spread across all the partitions.

With the laminate you can obtain a large smooth surface which does not reveal the edges and joints. Beauty and design take center stage without sacrificing the robustness and solidity of your toilets. Your sanitary facilities will always have a clean appearance with HPL panels.

The cleanliness of the premises reflects the image of your institution.


and low maintenance


without limits !

Numerous creative ideas have already been transformed into tailor-made projects thanks to the Stratimage® process developed by DAP in 1966. We assure you of a unique product of its kind and of very high quality.

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